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This iconic picture was taken at our first home Sahara Nights. My constant companions at the time are captured in this image taken by Derek Lee.

who was an amazing performer, with Sabeena and Soheila cheering her on.

The diversity in this picture reflects our audiences as well as the massive appeal that this dance form has. It reflects the spirit of our events, where audiences and performers interract.


It embodies a concept that I prize most highly - it has feeling or lawn.
Without this a dancer is not watchable.
This picture challenges our perception of what this dance is truly about rather than the perceived stereotype that one may normally expect.
And it is also a statement about my beliefs. If you can dance then that is ALL that matters.

Our first home. A flyer from 2005 I believe, from Sahara Nights

From our early days, when we launched in 2002/2003, the tremendous support that we received enabled us to grow considerably.

In those days we all worked for free for love and belief in something greater than ourselves.

Our first audiences were less than the fingers of one hand, but within 2 to 3 years we built up a sizeable crowd of some 250 to 300 people.

The Team have been amazing and unswerving in their loyalty and commitment. These pages are for them so you know more about them and it is in recognition of all their support and good will over the years.

We started out in London's Kings Cross in a night club called Sahara Nights. Under the patronage of our very own Haroun el Rachid - Haleem Kherallah who believed in our dream.

When Sahara Nights closed down (after a run of 3 years) we moved to Darbucka, and remained there from January 2006 until it closed in January 2012.

Then our fortunes changed and it necessitated some time out. Though we did manage to host a few events elsewhere. Mia Lounge and Silks.

We achieved a run of just under 10 years of monthly shows and along the way developed an international reputation.

We inspired others to host similar events using our template.

Our web statistics are international and so is our you tube channel profile. And I took up journalism to document and record the developments and concepts being presented at the time .

Nafoura magazine gave me a column in which I covered our monthly shows and also introduced one at a time our team. Nafoura magazine left an astonishing legacy and I am grateful to them for the opportunity of developing my writing... and I do hope that they return to publishing.

Little remains from those early days. We did not have a website initially. Our You tube channel came years later inspired by Nashwan Mediaa. And it was many years before we had any photographs.

But we do have some amazing memories and stories and we have seen a phenomenal change in the Dance Community since then. And along the way we have had SO much fun and met so many lovely (new) friends.


Image taken by Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris

All this happened because people believed in a concept greater than themselves. Vashti (Cathy Selford) and Yvette Cowles were with me at the very beginning and I count on their support even today.

Yvette and her missions
Yvette Cowles an inspiring lady......... Read her book NOW


The Team worked for free, all the performers worked for free. And we received massive support at every turn.

Thank you to everyone that contributed in any way,

It has been an amazing journey

And I look forward to the future with great hope.....

My role is a very visible one, but Planet Egypt has had many dedicated people (about 20) whom I shall now introduce over the following pages.


It is possible that some may not be able to re-join us at this stage in which case I will seek to replace and expand the team. It is my earnest hope that having been companions for so many years that they will still be connected to what they helped create....


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