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Comments from our Guests, many of whom have been our former Stars are below

El Amiraat
We are always amazed at the amount of work and dedication that Anne gives to make Planet Egypt a truly special and unique event. We have rarely found such a warm atmosphere where everybody is sincerely welcomed no matter what their dance style or background. We have had the huge pleasure of performing for PE several times now and each time has been very special. The audience are the most enthusiastic we have ever seen and the energy generated between the dancer and the audience is just amazing. Huge congratulations and thanks to Anne who never seems to stop trying to make sure that dancers are treated respectfully as professionals. With fondest wishes,
El Amiraat


Life has not been the same since we came to Planet Egypt !  Thank you for a unique and memorable evening that we will never forget and thank you for the opportunities that you have sent our way. In fact, the evening was so enjoyable that we were on cloud nine for days after! Members of my dance troupe stated that it was a life changing experience as a result of the crowd being so encouraging and appreciative!  We felt like we had been transported to some distant foreign land!

I would strongly recommend a visit to Planet Egypt !  Expect an evening of diverse variety and culture with a fantastic atmosphere, quality first class entertainment organised and hosted by Anne White in a unique and magical monthly event that is Planet Egypt !  You will not be disappointed!

Here is a little something special just for you: Enjoy!


Sometimes we meet someone special along life's winding path,
We thank you for your kindness from the bottom of our hearts
For giving us a place to dance, to our hearts desires,
Visions of ancient times gone by dancing around camp fires,
Of happy times and golden sand
Planet Egypt is a magical land,
Where dreams and passions deep in your soul
Are given wings to reach your goal
Friendly faces and cheers from the crowd
Will make you feel so warm and proud
As the DJ plays pulsating tunes into the night
Shake those hips, it feels so right
So if you have not been before
Come and join in on the dance floor,
As music fills our hearts and minds
You will see performers of every kind,
Students and professionals alike
It is truly an amazing sight!
Vibrant costumes sequins and coins
In this Middle Eastern paradise together we are joined
Precious memories and many blessings you have bestowed
Such charity extending to others
All honour to Anne White is owed!


DJ Leon Parker
Hosts a regular night of world music, belly dance, and visuals monthly at Escape bar and twice monthly set doing Gypsy music at the Ritzy Brixton. If link does not work try here. He has a play list on Calabash which a fair trade world music download site . He reccommends Charlie Gillett's very good web site called Sound Of The World . This site is useful to put up information about gig or reviews and find out about events

Read his edited review of Planet Egypt October 2006 below, for a fuller review click here, otherwise read on:

Darbucka on a wet Thursday night, I descended the stairs at Darbucka the atmosphere is breaking out of the doors with the event in full swing. Once I get in, not a seat in sight then Ahmed the owner motions to bar staff to get me a seat as I say hello. The place is buzzing with belly dancers and lovers of the dance showing heart felt appreciation of those who enter the arena. My mood is made lighter again by the warmth of the crowd and the great dancing.

Honoured guest is Sheikh Taha who is an accordion player who put many of the world famous popular singers of Egypt on the map. Singers like Ahmed Adaweya, Mohamed Abdel Mottalib & many more. The distinctive sound of the best Baladi improvisation, a man who not only studied Arabian music, but has also composed in Jazz format and written many tunes that echo all over the world.

The breaks in between the dancers and the end of the night is given over to joe public to get on up and get those hips moving which they willing oblige. The floor is filled and still overflowing when I left at 11.30 pm. This night reminds me of one I attended in the 80's called the 21 Club, which played music from 1939 to 1969. The emphasis was on the music, dancing and where you could see people of different ages enjoying the dance together.

Planet Egypt presents a wide range of dance styles from Egyptian, Turkish, Tribal and Gypsy etc…. Also good place to locate a teacher who runs a group or finding a dancer for an event like a wedding. The MC keeps you informed and up dated on current events.

If you need your spirits lifted or you are tired of the entertainment you have lined up in your life then this is a night you most savour. The great line in the Otis Redding song Try a little tenderness: ‘wearing the same old shaggy dress' then this is then place to cast it off. Strap on your belly dance belt and shimmy.
DJ Leon Parker


Planetegypt hosted by Anne White. The way in which Anne brings many international belly dancers to one venue is a wonderful idea. As a star performer, I felt as if Anne had taken me under her wing and made the entire evening very enjoyable. There was no stress, and everything on the night went according to plan.  Anne is a warm and caring person, and has taken much time to organise planetegypt to the high standards it has now become. Whether one is a dancer or not, don't miss out. Planetegypt has lots to offer, and one is guaranteed to have a great  night.


Charlotte Desorgher
"Planet Egypt is such a brilliant concept – a regular party night featuring some of the best UK bellydancers as well as regular guests from around the world. The acts are wonderfully varied and Anne's warmth and professionalism ensure a fantastic atmosphere. Whether you're new to bellydance, a long time fan, or a professional performer, make sure you go to Planet Egypt – you'll have a ball, I promise.”
Charlotte Desorgher


Beverley Joffe
"Planet Egypt is driven by Anne White of London and has gained its reputation for being an exceptionally rare night out, generous, warm and featuring bright, hot talent. The audience comprise a few hundred, 90% Oriental dancers and Arabs who come for the high level of dance. The line-up often features an international cast, and has earmarked Planet Egypt as an emerging hub for dancers in Europe as it grows beyond the borders of England in the last few years. 

The two-hour line-up on the last Thursday of every month in London begins with a semi-professional platform. The opportunity for students to drive their work under the public eye was the reason Anne initiated Planet Egypt in the first place, and in its infancy, professional dancers began infiltrating into and emerging from the line-up. These days, dancers from all over Europe, the USA and beyond comprise the second hour of Planet Egypt's showcase, delivering the most exciting and diverse platform for Oriental dance in London.  

Anne began her training with Suraya Hilal in the late 1980s – Suraya was responsible for the high respect Raqs Sharqi gained in British theatres – and now Anne is taking it to the next level… inspiring individual artists to bring cutting-edge work to a safe and supportive environment where new ground can be broken in Oriental art. As artists who have trained in classical painting for many years, many London Oriental dancers who have performed classical routines at Planet Egypt in the past, often return with new ideas and Planet Egypt offers the stage for them to work these ideas into fresh, exciting pieces of art.  

Anne gently guides the shows, auditioning students and assisting their growth, welcoming reputable new faces and every so often, if we are lucky enough, Anne herself will dance, a gorgeous Goddess with fabulous stage savvy and a not-seen-enough-out-there wild gypsy abandon that stands her apart from most.  

Unfortunately, she often keeps her dancing quiet and hosts the shows, introducing each dancer and keeping the beat.  

Many will remember the successful run of Planet Egypt at Sahara Nights in Kings Cross! 

Planet Egypt magic… the elixir, no doubt, is a special set of ingredients. 

All artists who have danced and been a part of the Planet Egypt synergy are listed on this site and linked for contact details. "
Beverley Joffe

"Planet Egypt with its’ wonderful atmosphere is the perfect platform for bringing together a vibrant and exciting evening of Middle Eastern dance in all its’ various forms.

Performers of all levels and personalities are given a rare and supportive opportunity to show off their abilities, to a warm and appreciative audience.

Never knowing which Bellydance Royalty may come by for the evening, i.e. Hossam & Serena Ramzy or even Aziza from America the night I performed, all adds to the unique and vibrant experience.

You leave Planet Egypt on a positive high with the real reason as to why we all enjoy Middle Eastern dance so much and the special and personal place it has in our lives reinforced in your soul.

The richly coloured decor really gives the mood of a Sultans Harem or Bedouin tent with beautiful lanterns and fabric draped across the ceiling.

Romantic votive candles flicker on the low tables with Sheesha pipes, drinks, and plenty of delicious food.

Thank you Anne and your team for a great opportunity and all the hard work you do. Keep up the good work and I hope that it will always be fully supported."

Lise Szwann
"I've always had a very positive experience at Planet Egypt. As a performer you are made welcome and changing facilities, arrangements for music etc. are well-organised. In my experience the audience has always been very warm, enthusiastic and supportive.

When I've visited as a member of the audience I feel there's a real buzz about Planet Egypt and all the friends/students I have brought along have enjoyed themselves in the informal cabaret atmosphere. The performers are of an increasingly high standard and I always feel confident when I bring friends that they will have an interesting evening watching a variety of diverse Arabic dance styles"
Lise Szwann

Sara Kahan
"Planet Egypt has provided a much needed focus for Oriental and Arabic dance in London and brought together students and performers to create a thriving community"
Sara Kahan

Galit Mersand
"As a performer the experience of dancing a at 'Planet Egypt' was totally stress free, the atmosphere of the evening was fun and relaxed and the crowd very enthusiastic.

As a member of the audience I have enjoyed a high standard varied show with a chance to catch up with dancers (students, teachers and performers) who I haven't see for ages. It was great to see everyone
and lots of faces I don't know. There's a real community feel to those evenings"
Galit Mersand

Aylin Hansen
"I think you are already doing a great job, the future plans - DVD and parties - are a really good idea… Thanks for taking your time to bring us together"
Aylin Hansen

Ewa Horsfield
"There is a scent of perfume, a shimmer of jewellery, sequins and the clink of gilt coins. There are platefuls of meze and the fragrance of apple shisha, a vivid crowd circulates expectantly, dancers and audience waiting in anticipation. Middle eastern night life, vibrant and pulsating dance and music, comes to London once a month.

Hosted by Anne whose irrepressible drive, infectious energy, warmth and enthusiasm creates a unique atmosphere, bringing together dancers and musicians from the four corners of the earth: students and professionals, enthusiasts and lovers of the dance and the music, all passionate in their appreciation.

Since I discovered Planet Egypt I haven't missed a show, nor have I lost a sense of entering a different world for a night.

As a performer it is energising to share with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience. The dressing room atmosphere is lots of fun with a warm sense of togetherness while the organisation and planning, so crucial to a great night, are exemplary, everything runs smoothly - the sign of real dedication behind the scenes.

I can't say more than that I come away each time feeling that I have spent a wonderful night with so many others who share my passion for the dance."
Ewa Horsfield