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We have collaborated with Magazines, Venues, Pop Stars, Musicians
Festivals, The Big Lottery and the International Community













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We have worked within the UK Community supporting Teachers, Performers, Festivals, Magazines, Arab Communities and also Musicians and Singers. And created a monthly national performance platform which we maintained at a high level successfully for over 9 years.

Producing events, articles for Dance Magazines and National Dance Teachers (Key stage 3) and higher level tuition through workshops, performances, and also through my research which has been published and shared

We have been widely reviewed in national and international press and have a global awareness as a result. Through international performers we have featured and through publicity generated by our events and published features of our work by ourselves and by others

We supported and worked with Hossam Ramzy on a number of occasions . We have a Planet Egypt anthem to our name that he produced!

We collaborated with Oojami . See Ooojami - holding auditions for dancers. Who won?

And had the amazing privilege to introduce the Pop Star Hakim to London .



We worked closely with major Festivals in the UK (eg Majma and MADN) hosting annual shows as part of Planet Egypt featuring the participants (leading Teachers) of those festivals. This was to support and promote the events and raise awareness in the London area to attract more people to their festivals.

And worked with both Guy Schalom and the Baladi Blues Band (on a number of occasions) and many others reviewed in national press here


As a Teacher I have collaborated with many others in the UK Dance community . Some of my classes were funded eg Big Lottery. See more about funded training here

Creating a new dance and live music school Raqswemazika with colleagues Nadine and Kathryn and musicians Farouk el Safi and Ali Kirdar. This was covered by Nafoura magazine


I have campaigned successfully for funding to Teach via Health trusts and the Arts Council .
I have involved other teachers, performers and musicians in the UK as part of these projects .


I have also collaborated with Eva Green to co-host productions featuring International dancers who we were introducing for the first time to the UK
Princess Farhana
Leyla Jouvana
I also went to Hungary for a festival Eva produced with her Associates there along with Yasmina of Cairo

Working with NDTA I created a lesson plan for Key Stage 3 and above featured in their national publication

I often work with the Raqs Sharqi Society representing them at larger events that they organise



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