Planet Egypt - Our Achievements

I have lost count of the performers that we have featured well over 200 performers Possibly even twice that after 10 years or so of monthly events!. Mostly professionals, but a number of students have also been able to polish their skills and develop their talents as well. See our playlists on our you tube channel

We have had dance styles: from the 1970s mould, cabaret style, modern Cairo style, the Raqs Sharqi Society style, the Jo Wise style, Hilal style, American Cabaret style, Tribal, Flamenco, and dances have been fused with Latin, Persian, Kathak, and Bollywood. We have even had body popping hip hop belly dance!!!
Dances have been with sticks, veils,candles, shamadans, swords, ropes, and even snakes!

As well as Egyptian dance, we have also presented so many other forms eg: Saudi Arabian, Moroccan, Iraqi, Bedouin, Turkish, Gypsy and Persian. Most of our artists are female but we also present male dancers as well.

We have had lots of live music including dedicated nights built around them
Singers : Egyptian, Moroccan, Iraqi, Lebanese, and Turkish
Bands :Egyptian, Iraqi and Turkish
Musicians include oud, guitar, accordion, virtuosos of violin and bouzouki and flamenco guitar and of course percussion


We had an anthem dedicated to us "Planet Egypt" by Hossam Ramzy on this cd

He has frequently attended our events where he and his entrourage are most most welcome


And collaborated with others too including sourcing dancers for bands, and arranging competitions and in my case being invited to be a Judge for other companiesin the UK and abroad.

We only managed one theatre show "Enchantment" with Khaled Mahmoud and Stars of our monthly events
Photos are taken by our Team member Shariff

Overseas Artists we featured include those from America, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Sweden,Ireland, Spain, Germany, Holland, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt.

Our web statistics from this website as well as our you tube channel demonstrate a global awareness concentrated mostly on The States and Europe.

I have reviewed our events and documented changes in them writing articles for many magazines, noticably Nafoura magazine in which I reviewed our monthly shows, and also for The Gilded Serpent :
My profile
My review of the London Scene at the time in 2010


We have had many reviews of our shows published by others and I have been interviewed many times. Some of the interviews are on the page above


I have also had articles published here
Why do British women belly dance ?
And researched the Zaar

We created a meeting point for all lovers of Arabic dance and music. A networking place where we could have fun and be noticed. We even had a Talent Spotter in our shows who brought people to my attention. Above all the intimacy and ambience at Darbucka enabled us to foster introductions in a safe and friendly way. Many dancers would come on their own. They knew they would be safe, have fun and make new friends. We had strong support from the Arab community and ladies in hijab were not out of place in our audience.

When we first started few professionals had a portfolio of websites, images or footage of their performances. I acquired my website as a direct result of creating Planet Egypt in 2004. I did not have digital images at that time either. Email was enough for me.

As time passed we met many photographers and video graphers/film makers and website developers and many others with services to provide to our Community and these opportunities were succesfully . See my Team pages

We have seen a whole industry develop in this time and now everyone has a website and a digital signature as well as amazing quality images and footage. We were the first to bring the Community together with monthly events and sustain the ability to continue with them and maintain the quality of our events.
I address this experience in my Team pages

We have created an Open Platform for fledgling dancers who can already dance, but who are seeking to improve and hone their performance skills. This Platform is separate to, and precedes our Main Event which features professionals.

It is hoped that Teachers will use this opportunity to give students the chance to present class choreographies (solo/duets/groups) in a supportive and dedicated space with an enthusiastic audience.
The duration of the Open Platform is normally 15-25 minutes.

Our main event features professionals in the World of Oriental Dance (we also feature experts in other Disciplines). We try and arrange a balanced programme of up to 45 minutes maximum in the Main Event.

In between the programmes and afterwards there is plenty of time to dance to our favourite Dj's music. All professionals are encouraged to bring their publicity and information with them. Artists that we feature are placed in our Gallery and there are email and web links to help you connect with them

We have inspired as the mother of Arabic monthly/regular events many others to do the same and a Sister company exists in Nottingham under the aegis of Janet Rose called Sahara Nights that we highly reccommend.!