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New Showreel 2015 from "Celebrations"on 28th May
from Planetegypt You tube channel

Filmed by Hani Malik of Studio.S. Productions
Images by Jane Sutherland are here

Hosted at The Arizona Live Arabic Music Venue .
134 Marylebone Road , London   NW1 5PH
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Planet Egypt
is a consortium of experienced teachers and acclaimed
performers, founded in 2003 to promote and host the best of Oriental dance and music in London.

We provide a platform for Top Exponents to showcase themselves and their Art. This includes Dancers, Singers and Musicains.

Now we are returning to our regular events and I begin the process of overhauling the site
Please bear with me...

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We are inclusive and provide huge variety at our events, and have become a focus for the London Oriental dance Community.

The emphasis of our events-so far- has been the classic Egyptian tradition of Raqs Sharqi, meaning
'Eastern dance'. But we feature many other disciplines as well, and aim to increase our diversity .

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Our high profile events enable Professionals to be better known, and raise their profile.
Performers are audience alike have given us amazing feedback.

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