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Planet Egypt Events

Ame Tafsout at Planet Egypt 2009 by Edvaldo
Nadine and Khaled at Planet Egypt 2006 (March)| Photo Derek Lee
Tabeeya at Planet Egypt 2008 Photo Derek Lee

I used these images as they conveyed many of my aims with Planet Egypt
We see Folkloric dances represented as well as cabaret style
Arabic people are also featured as well as Westerners
Male as well as female dancers
Solo, duet and group
and Traditional as well as contemporary

And I recall these performances and how they thrilled and delighted me too


Planet Egypt Hosted by Anne White

Our next event is : at a LIVE Arabic Music Club.

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A new Live Arabic music club opening soon in London

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We started live music nights and have hosted a number of them now . You might like to read a review of our Live Music in May 2011 show here



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