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Planet Egypt Hosted by Anne White

We took a long time out in 2012 for many reasons ..... after 9 years of monthly events we needed it.. see our current newsletter

Our last event was Saturday 22 June 2013
Special Live Music Night where we honoured Josephine Wise and her contribution to the UK Dance Scene ( flyer front and back)

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You might like to read a review of our Live Music in May 2011 show here


As we took some time out -should you be unfamiliar with us then see what we achieved in 2011 with the following links
Live Music nights? Get PDF. Read the Review of May live music read more
Showcases 2011

Facebook pages Anne White and Planet Egypt Our Facebook Events Group page and our own Page
You tube channel: Planetegypt all of our shows - mainly captured by and with thanks to Nashwan Media


New website being completed behind the scenes for launch (2014 I hope!)

Each month -, Planet Egypt presents a dazzling array of talent, from the
internationally acclaimed, to the cream of up and coming future stars.
See our new page for more info and if you bookmarked this
party_darbucka.shtml its time to change it as that venue no longer exists and the link will be delete by Summer 2013


Live Music Nights
We started live music nights and hosted two in 2011 and our next show is in June 2013


Find out about our achievements and read about our team
Read our reviews
Do you want to perform for us? We feature Singers, Dancers and Musicians. Email me

There is HUGE demand to perform just to warn you. Some of the BEST in the UK!!! See here .
If you want to perform for us please email me


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Showcases Monthly events

Live Music Nights from May 2011

Video and DVD Seminars On hold
Open Day with Planet Egypt On hold

Other Projects See here for the winners

Find out more about us


April 2013 a lot of the info below is out of date, apologies I am overhauling the while website, please bear with me...

Overview for 2008

Video and DVD Seminars
We are planning a series of lectures and seminars with musicians and leading dancers . Some of the material covered will be DVD/Video sessions. We are waiting to confirm a venue. Each session will have a theme and will include discussion time
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Our Open Day
We have been running our events in London for almost 4 years now. We have big plans for the future and want to share them with you. So we are hosting a weekend event that will give you an opportunity to come and meet us and find out more. We will offer taster workshops on a variety of subjects with leading figures in the Oriental Dance Community. More details coming soon

Other Projects
Work with a Live Band
We are thinking of working with live bands.... including auditions for dancers that want to work with live music...... we have already held Oojami Auditions, I am considering doing the same with an egyptian this space!

Seminars and workshops on Costuming, Music and Dance

More Detailed


See here . A new venue is being negotiated for our showcases, and we intend to provide our usual exciting mix of fabulous performers, and opportunities for everyone to join in afterwards with our favourite DJ.

We are featuring a variety of artists: Dancers, Singers and Musicians. To get a taste of what you can expect from us click here for reviews

Showcases start early (around 7.45) so that they allow you to travel home at a more reasonable time. There will also be an affordable admission charge.

They take place on the last Thursday of the month at Darbucka. We are also exploring the opportunity of selling DVDs of our showcases.

Our presentations have had a very high standard, if you would like to dance for us just email me. We offer a “live performance experience” at a professional level and also support fledgling dancers in the Open Platform

Find out who we featured in 2006 , 2007 and who we had for 2008

We will also be inviting back other Artists that we have featured

See here for Performers and Events archive