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Photographers at Planet Egypt Events

Images of our events in the Gallery really help to capture the ambiance and we would like to say a Huge thank you to Derek Lee who was our first official photographer and for quite some time our Main Photographer.

I am well aware of the need to overhaul the photos and galleries but my macromedia and website skills are some way off still (sorry! May 2015)


From Sahara Nights to Darbucka he was a joyful companion. Our first photographer who went far beyond our expectations

Photos of our performers are located in our Gallery and Derek also posted "highlights of our shows" with images that particularly captivated him

Chris Savage  


Other Photographers we have used also include:

Shariff Mahmood

Shariff Mahmood  

Shariff is a Photographer for more than ten years and has been working with modelling agencies and dancers across London.

He is inspired by Planet Egypt and has been a member of the team since June 2006.

Shariff is from an Arabic/Turkish family and has been brought up surrounded by music and dance.

Shariff took the photos of our Enchantment production see his gallery

Read more about him here

Responsible for Photography, Door Management and Performing



Chris Savage  

An amazing photographer with a great flair for catching the moment , His website is here and he is highly reccommended!

He was our photographer for many of our shows and was a real asset to us for many reasons

Many of the images he took for us featured in my monthly column reviewing Planet Egypt 's show in Nafoura magazine

Read more here

Responsible for Photography




Shariff Mahmood

Jane has worked with us on a number of occasions and takes unforgettable images.

She has gained even wider experience of event photography whilst Planet Egypt took time out

Read more about her here
A pleasure to work with her and I look forward to more...

Responsible for Photography




Shariff Mahmood

Kristina West
Kristina takes unforgettable images.

She has gained even wider experience of event photography since she left the UK. As a global photographer who travels I am sure she has amassed even more iconic images. I like very much this one she took of me waiting to open a Planet Egypt show

Responsible for Photography







See some of her photos

That is me on the right being cheeky. I love this image she captured



Other photographers we have had the pleasure to work with and one of their images- where possible are listed below


Oliver Papp
I LOVE the joyful of this image of Daphne Pena and Meret


Edvaldo Dortas
Smashing panoramic shot of Amel Tafsout


Manuel Odabashian, who helped us a lot in our early days
This is me at Sahara nights in my red tilli


Ray Clark is an astonishing photographer who has decades of experience behind him. Unfortunately he is not on line. But he is most certainly reccommended


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