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Over the years we have featured many nights with a smaller focus of live music and these are covered in our usual
archives along with the spcial live music nights listed below . All these shows predominantly captured by Nashwan Media can be found on our You tube playlist here

This page is dedicated specifically to special events
where the focus has been seperate to our usual showcases and which live music is a pre-dominant part of the programme. Events from 2003 to 2010 sadly are not mentioned as we lost the footage and details, what a pity.... Here is a You tube playlist for our live music at Planet Egypt

Our News April 2015
Press Release

Read my review of our May 2011 live Music


Dedicated programmes outside of our usual showcases in which we feature live music 2015

May 28th Celebrations at Arizona Live Arabic Music Venue on Thursday 28 th May 2015

The Arizona Live Arabic Music Venue .
134 Marylebone Road , London   NW1 5PH

see video here
Filmed by Hani Malik of Studio.S. Productions
Images by Jane Sutherland are here

With acclaimed virtuouso violinist Waeil Abo Bakr
It is one of greatest achievements to have him join our programme

This highly acclaimed artist adds the most exquisite lustre to the night and I consider this a seminal moment for us collectively and historically. In great demand throughout the world it is a unique privilege to know that he will take the stage not just for his musical artistry but also for his showmanship.

His craft extends beyond the realms of Arabic Music for he has also worked in the western spheres of music (Led Zeppelin, Genesis). Here he is here in a private clip at one of our informal gatherings. He will truly melt your hearts. He adores the Tarab genre of music and for his own personal pleasure records for his own private collection hundreds and hundreds of songs by famous singers... Here is an example of one of his cds. If you love Egyptian music you will LOVE the cds...

Joining Waeil is distinguished artist Emad Shaker an accomplished international keyboard player and composer. Former Band leader of the Cave de Roi (now since closed)

Taking the stage singing is Lebanese Michael who are fans will already be acquainted with. This young man has such a powerful voice and on stage charisma he will delight you




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Saturday 22nd June is our Next Event ( flyer front and back)
Get the Programme PDF or see the webpage This features Live music, Singing and Honoured Guest Josephine Wise and JWAAD

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This special night marks our re- emergence onto London 's busy Arabic Dance and Music scene after a long absence. So it's all about celebrating … we have Live Music and Singers for you and have scheduled the night with this in mind so there will be plenty of time for you to dance. So the Performance aspect of our night will be reduced Another feature of our night is that we have taken the unprecedented step of highlighting in this show- just one person and her contribution to the London and UK Dance Scene: the iconic Josephine WiseOur Live Band -Our Band is headed by Emad Shaker an accomplished international keyboard player and composer.

Emad on keyboard is a much respected Band leader, classically trained on the Org, he also composes his own music and contributed to the JWAAD cd "Between 2 beaches and the sea" . See here Virtuoso Violin player Emile Bassili
Accompanying Emad we are honoured to present classically trained Emile Bassili on the violin. HIs international reputation adds automatic cachet to any programme. He is an absolute virtuoso who has worked with Oum Kolthoum. It is such a great honour and prestige for us and you will feel the same when you hear him play . You will NEVER forget it.

Singer: Wisam
Wisam Classically tained Tarab singer, Egyptian born and her songs encompass most of the Arab world

and Lebanese Pop Star Mike Starr; New Gun on the block Singer: Mike Nasser Starr

Lebanese Pop star and Award winning Artist, and New Gun on the Block. He is a powerful singer and you really enjoy his performances. He also writes songs too. He is with us in time to enjoy his Birthday . Yay
another celebration! Mike- inte wahid!!!! You are THE ONE!!!!

Percussion : The lovely and our Regular Aly MInyawi. From a Great Musical Family

Our Press Release 2013 tells you more about the Artists and has video clips for you

Dancing to Live Music

Josephine Wise
Many of our dancers and a significant amount of our stars, have been trained by Josephine Wise and are exponents of her discipline (JWAAD). Moreover many of her students, Teachers and Competition winners, are members of our audience so it feels appropriate to honour her and her contribution in this way.


Theresa White
My twin, has lived in Saudi Arabia (and also Libya). She was active in the Saudi Community and as a result her khaleegy is very much the real thing. She speaks fluent arabic too and is well versed in Arab and Muslim Tradition and practice. An engimatic and charisimatic performer she has loads of moves to enthrall you and a spirit to match.

Anne White .... why not (wink!)


So far we have held 2 Live Music Nights with the focus on Takht ensemble



Saturday August 4th 2012

Mia Lounge, 100 Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage, London NW3 3HF
As part of this programme we featured live music with Nashwan (our usual camera man) and talented drummer Amine

Video clip courtesy of Nashwan Media
Photos by Maani


January 26th 2012 at Darbucka FOR THE LAST TIME!

As part of this programme we featured live Music with The Mesopotamia Band

Tarab Singer Yasin Mesopotamian
Org Nashwan Media
Tabla and Req Ali Kirdar and Aly Minyawi and Mostafa al Masry

accompanied by dancers Fiora and Ayanna
They will play predominantly Egyptian music BUT also some amazing Iraqi music too! Dancer Fiora will accompany them

Showreel of this night by Sonal Sachdeva. Birthday suprise for Anne And Theresa here
Photos taken by Maani Vadgama

2011 Archives

Friday July 15th
Singer: Abdul Salam Kheir
Band: Gamal Awad on the Org, Aly Minyawi on theTabla, Mostafa Al Araby on Accordion
and our Band Leader Ibrahim A on the req

Performers: Daphne Pena and Anne White

Video clip courtesy of Nashwan Media

See more in our archives or below


Friday May 13th
Read my review of our May live Music
See photos on my facebook account (Anne White)

Singers: Abdul Salam Kheir and Yasmin Alfyha
Musicians: Emad Shakir on the Org , Sherif,on Tabla and Ibrahim on Req

Performers: Nawarra


Shafeek Ibrahim



More details below:


Friday July 15th
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Read my review of our May live Music
See photos on my facebook account (Anne White)

All tickets sold via Paypal will be retained at the door for collection
Please retain your booking confirmation and bring it with you

Tickets on sale via paypal

£20 online ( we will reserve a seat for you until 8pm)
or on the door £20 , and we advise you to come early as we cannot guarantee a seat……

Ticket numbers

at Darbucka
182 St John Street, London EC1V 4JZ
Nearest tubes: Farringdon, Angel or Barbican

Get directions
Plan your journey to EC1V 4JZ here ingaround/default.aspx

We are selling tickets on line, at our usual events

We want to work with the musicains we featured in May, see below, however we reserve the right to substitute others should the need arise

There won't be a break for the musicians they will play from 8.30 pm to midnight. In this time we will also feature the singer(s) and both dancers- this month it is Daphne Pena and myself

Programme for the Night - Schedule approximately will look like this:

8.30 to 9 Band plays
9 to 9.15 Dancer 1
9.15-10.15 Singer
10.15 to 10.30 Dancer 2

10.30 to 10.45
Band plays
10.45 to 11.45 Singer
11.45 to 12 Band plays
12 to 1 am Disco


Our Singer and Musicians :

My favourite Singer of All Time Abdul Salam Kheir Lebanese Supremo
He studied music at the Lebanese Conservatoire, specialising in Mouwashahat (classical Arab song) as a singer and oud player. Internationally renowned with a powerful Mawaal you will love him……

and the rest of our amazing musicians are Egyptian

Gamal Awad on the Org –a much respected Maestro

The incredible Aly Minyawi on theTabla and Req. From a Great Musical Family, I am thrilled to work with him, having known him since he was 7 years old…Part of TMP who featured in March


Wael a virtuouso on the violin, he will melt your hearts

Ibrahim A on the req and tabla The Definitive Band leader is one of the most respected and authoratative if not THE authority of the Musicians Community. Collaborating with him is an enormous privilege for me, and his contribution will greatly enhance our profile.

Planet Egypt has presented all the above (excepting Yasmin) on a number of occasions as part of our usual monthly dance events. They can be seen on our Planetegypt You tube Channel.


This time round I chose Daphne whose dancing I always enjoy. On her own she is a one woman show. A talented dancer and comedienne she has an unusual style and is really quite unique! And I thought that I should throw my hat in the ring. I rarely perform at our usual Thursday night shows, remarkably many who attend our nights have no idea that I dance as well!! I manage to dance every 18 months or so, as this time was approaching I grabbed it with both hands and am willing to test my mettle! Again! I did work a lot with nearly all our musicians in Arab communities here in the UK, so I am no stranger to this experience. But this time it's in my world not theirs!

Daphne Pena Influential teachers have been Jillina, Zahra Zuhair, Shareen El Safy, Yasmina of Cairo and Raqia Hassan.  Regular trips to Cairo insure that Daphne's teaching is up to date with modern Egyptian standards and technique.  Coming from a ballet/modern dance and theatrical background, Daphne's style incorporates a western dance and storytelling influence mixed with Egyptian motives. 

Anne White


See video clips of live music we have featured notably


Planet Egypt is thrilled to announce we are testing the waters by hosting live music events with the best musicians that we can find.

Our Fans will already know this as part of our usual Thursdays night Showcases -that we have been hosting for over 9 years -we have featured:

Sheikh Taha , Gamal Awad, Louai Al Henawi, Emad Said, Emil Vassili, Hassan Reevis, Hossam Ramzy, Abdul Salam Kheir, The Nile Band, Sheriff, Farouk El Safy , Aly el Minyawi, The Minyawi Project, Nizar Al Issa, Guy Schalom, Josef Alexander, and Khaled Salik    and many others

The Live Music Nights are separate to our usual Thursday nights at Darbucka.
They will be on Friday evening initially at Darbucka - I am aiming for every 2 months, if successful perhaps every month as well as our usual Thursday night monthly shows.

I am only arranging 2 at this stage to gauage demand. So it really is down to the Community whether there is a need for Live Music or not…..

The reason why I am doing this is to try and revive the live music tradition that has almost disappeared or is at select (expensive) venues with 2/3 musicians

Mostly now live music is held at one off events, or in up market resteraunts. I am trying to provide other options……

I don't want this amazing experience to disappear and this is likely as so many clubs have closed down as you well know. Also many famous musicians have died eg Mehe Caire, Samir Bin Yameen, Mostafa Sax, and others have retired/have health issues.

Younger blood is emerging, but the real greats still have a contribution to make..

The events are archived
Friday May 13 th with Nawarra and Shafeek Ibrahim
And Friday July 15 th with Daphne Pena and Anne White

There will be only 2 performances by those whom we feature, the aim is for YOU to experience the joy of dancing to live music, all night long.

If successful then many others will be considered for these performances opportunities and I am devising ideas to give those who are experienced and talented professional and aspiring new comers. But I need to see you there to know that you are interested…..

I hope that we are able to enjoy the support and success that have established us as Number 1 at what we do. I know that I will really enjoy it, and I hope that you will too

Please do not bombard me with requests to perform yet….. Any of you that would like me to post flyers please get in touch.

We are selling tickets at our usual events and by post


Many thanks

Anne White
Planet Egypt
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