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Anne White - Journalist

Below are letters and articles that I have written.
All have been published unless otherwise indicated

The articles are about me rather than my work with Planet Egypt
For reviews/interviews/articles about my work with Planet Egypt please see here

For reviews/interviews about my work outside of Planet Egypt see here

Non Trade Press

As part of my work in Schools I was asked by The NDTA (National Dance Teacher's Association) to write a class session plan for Key Stage 3
You will find it here


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UK Magazines


Mosaic Magazine


In next issue:
Part I: Origins and Incense

Perfume has always been important beyond the basic desire to smell good and its uses go way back to the world of our dance origins. In ancient Egypt, the hieroglyph for ‘nose' was used in every word that meant ‘pleasure' or ‘to be pleased'. The Egyptians were passionate about scents, perfume and potions!
Article from the forthcoming issue of the Magazine no.62
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Published articles


Issue 39
Big Lottery funding to teach dance
Read it here
This was in association with Haringey Council and health awareness (via Haringey Primary Care Trust). I was funded for 3 years




Issue 35 About Suraya Hilal - Helen Waldie Article about Suraya with which I disagreed and replied
Whilst the Dance and the climate that it exists within are very different today, the events of the past did impact on it's development in the UK
My edited response 400 words limit
The unexpurgated letter (not published as the word count I was given was only 400 words).
For historical records I am including this to reflect my views of the time (2005) but also a contemporary account of the influence that influenced my early learning and awareness
Read it here



Issue 32 Concepts of Movements in Raqs Sharqi
This article might help those who have a visual or intellectual approach to their learning or are trained in "body work" eg Yoga/Pilates teachers
Read it here



Issue 30 Translation of Sah Edah Embo Get it here

Mosaic Stranded on a desert island - I was asked what item I would choose?
Read here






NADA Magazine


Issue 44 Jewel of Yorkshire Festival

Impressons of JOY

Read it here

in 2010

See my dance

Mawal and Baladi

Download a taster of NADA Winter 2014 issue FREE

Mandy from the Shimmy Shop manages JOY along with Chris Ogden
Mandy also makes costumes. Here is one I could not resist ...





Issue 1

My favourite costumes and make up tips

Read here




Nafoura Magazine


  • Sadly no longer published it set standards and trends.
    I had a monthly column in it reviewing Planet Egypt monthly shows, featuring images by our photographers and also introducing my wonderful Team

    My interview can be found here

    I was approached as the Editor Evete was intrigued by people's opinion of me and she wanted to have her own (informed) opinion of me.

    It was a potentially challenging premise as you will see. and it was published in 2009 I believe.

    I must say that it was rather disconcerting to be approached for an interview with the title in mind..... however Evete wanted to make her own mind up as she did not know me, and the strength of feeling towards me (or against) intrigued her

    I chose to be opened minded about it and proceeded thereafter to contribute a monthly column..... make the best of adversity (wink!)

    Evete and I got on really well and it was a dream to collaborate with her, and one I benefitted from enormously.....

    Here is my review of the Hanover Festival World of Orient in Germany
  • For the columns reviewing shows : Planet Egypt
  • All the Team who were featured are in my Team pages

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American publications


The Gilded Serpent

Free e-magazine USA based
Anne's profile
Anne's review of the London Scene at the time in 2010

As a reference point we featured Alexandria in our show circa 2004/2005 and she later presented an article to the Gilded Serpent on the London scene at the time

Gilded Serpent letter 2005 Read my letter here about the UK Scene

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Arabic publications

Liberty Blog

LIBERTY blog is a window into the changing face of the Middle East post Arab Spring. It aims to lift the veil of Arabia and focuses on the shared grounds between British and Middle East culture.

The blog will concentrate on the birth of contemporary trends of art, culture, societal topics, education etc. and the stories of individuals who strive to make a difference which resulted from the political renaissance in the Middle East

Read my article... it drew some wonderful contributions
Why do British Women learn this dance
Published Article 2014

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Student Resources

This research is available temporarily........Gradually as content on my website is being updated the Student section Classes/Inspiration/Music and SOME of the Links will be removed in preparation for "other projects"

I will make available -temporarily-some of my work for a short period but if you would like access to more... then you may need to consider joining my classes..... For now here is an example of research and information that I share with my students, in classes and workshops


Zaar -read about it


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