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Hossam & Serena Ramzy UK Tour 2006

At the London Concert: Union Chapel  on Thursday 5 October 2006 

Hossam and Serena are staging a Live Concert Performance and workshops from October 5th to the 8th.
I am delighted to announce that Planet Egypt has been asked to take part in this event. We will be performing to the Baladi style known song "Salem Allay" arranged by Hossam Ramzy.

We are very excited to collaborate in this project, and although our part is small, it offers us a tremendous opportunity to work with the Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Orchestra featuring leading musicians:

Hossam Ramzy,
Emil Bassili
El Gamal El Soghayyar
Sheikh Taha (Accordion),
Wadie Nossier
(Nay: Egyptian Bamboo Flute),
Josef Iskander
percussionist, Hassan Reeves.

It also gives us the chance to observe Serena Ramzy in action which we always appreciate.

 Hossam and Serena have recently attended some of our showcases, and very much enjoy our evenings, and we will endeavour to bring the spirit of Planet Egypt to this special night.

Planet Egypt excels at bringing dancers of different disciplines to the same stage, and we are recreating this with “Salem Allay”, the baladi style.

All of the dancers have trained with different teachers, and with the exception of Sabeena are primarily regarded as Soloists performers and teachers.  

We are aspiring to show the connection and rapport between dancers through improvisation as well as featuring their individuality. We are not attempting a perfect choreography in any way, so our approach is a challenging one!

To summarize:
Planet Egypt's performance is loosely structured and assembles known exponents of this dance, who are predominantly soloists. This venture brings them together in a way that reflects the Spirit of Planet Egypt but allows their individuality to shine through. It is not meant to be a heavily structured presentation, more a joyful celebration of friends dancing with live musicians in a fabulous setting.

Dancers include:  

Performer, Teacher, Choreographer & Artist’s model

Ewa Horsfield,


“Ewa blew the entire audience away with her baladi solo. Her music was out of this world and it made the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Her dancing was unbelievable - so much so that when she finished, the entire audience fell silent: we had been completely mesmerized by the spell she has woven with her dance. Then the applause and zaghareet (sic) nearly lifted the roof.” [Mosaic]    

Growing up in her parents’ - an artist and a choreographer, studio and in a family of actors, Ewa, from a very early age was surrounded by the world of art, culture, performance and the theatre stage. Performing as a dancer from the age of five she first trained in a classical ballet and, later, modern dance.

For the last 20 years Ewa has been a member of Banat al Medina, (oriental dance collaboration in London, founded by Sara Farouk Ahmed aka Maureen O’Farrell). Tutored by famous Egyptian dancers and choreographers including Raqia Hassan, Lubna Emam, Randa Kamel, Khaled Mahmoud (now based in UK).  

Ewa travels frequently to Cairo where she participates in belly dance and music seminars and festivals. She worked as a part of the organization team at the two of the Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Raqia Hassan Belly Dance festivals in Cairo.

Ewa teaches regular classes, workshops and privately in her new dance studio. Dancing in Britain and in Egypt, she is a principal performer with Banat al Medina and also currently dances in close collaboration with Planet Egypt.

Ewa works with her husband, international artist, filmmaker and creator of sound works, Craigie Horsfield.  Pictures of her are in the collections of museums around the world including the Tate Gallery in London.


Belly Dance Performer


Sabeena loves dancing to Egyptian music and interprets the music very well her dance style is graceful and so enjoyable to watch! We are encouraging her to come out of her closet!

No event is complete for Planet Egypt unless she is there. Her drive over the 4 years that we have been established has helped to build our events considerably and she has been a staunch allay and friend to Anne.



SAMOORA of El Amiraat

Performer, Teacher & Choreographer



Samoora an Arab of Origin has been dancing to Arab music since she was 7 years old.  She began formal Middle Eastern Dance classes in 1995 in Paris at the renowned "Centre de Danse du Marais". 

Her first teacher was Leila Haddad, one of the best belly dancers in the world. She has also been taught by some of the top Egyptian Choreographers and Dancers as Raqia Hassan, Yasmina of Cairo, Aida Nour, Soraya, Kadhafi in Cairo, Egypt  and Yasmina Ramzy of Canada, Morrocco of NY, Zaza Hassan, Khaled Mahmoud in UK .

She regularly attends various workshops in Egypt, UK and other Arab countries.  Samoora has achieved a high level of dance.  She has more than six years experience in teaching children and adults.   Samoora is one of the founding members of Belly Dance Venture, she teaches with Ahlam and Nesma workshops all year. 

BDV is a programme of intensive sessions which focuses on technique, posture and correct Arabic mannerisms and gestures. 

She also teaches weekly class in Reading East on Mondays.  Her dance specialties are Middle Eastern Dance, particularly Egyptian style, North African and Khaleegy.  She also travels abroad and around the UK to teach workshops and perform.   Samoora’s mentors are: Yasmina of Cairo, Serena Ramzy and Khaled Mahmoud.



Performer, Teacher & Choreographer

Founder / Principal Performer 

Anne White


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