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Auditions with Oojami-Dancers wanted for a Live Band UPDATE

The Overall winner was Tulin

Tulin performed at Raqs Brittania with Oojami and will be dancing for us on 30th August - see here
Maya (Joice Marise) was second placed
and Beverley was placed third


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Planet Egypt is hosting auditions on Sunday May 27th from 1.30 pm to 6pm

Global Band Oojami are seeking dancers for local, national and international events. Previously they have worked with very high profile dancers such as Khaled Mahmoud, and  some of the Belly Dancer Super Stars. They are seeking a number of dancers whom they can work with. This could become an annual event!

Further information about Oojami can be found on these pages.

The Auditions will be held at Darbuka on Sunday 27 th May from1.30 pm to 6pm.

Over 40 people applied. If you applied see here

Dancer short listed and the times they are on stage are as follows: To see latest news from Necmi see here

1. Tracy Pye - 1.30pm
2. Chantel Philips   -1.40
3. Ana Stanojevic - 1.50
4. Cate Brick   1.60
5. Jesse Williams   2pm
6. Emma Chapman  2.10
7. Patricia Bueno  2.20
8. Maya (Joice Marise)  2.30

45 minutes break for free Belly Dancing

9. Nadia Stuckley   - 3.20
10. Caitlyn Schwartz  3.30
11. Amanda Heron   3.40
12. Tulin Ozsoy  3.50
13.  4pm
14. Stacey Harding "STARSIA" – 4.10
15. Carrie Schwalbe  -4.20
16 Beverley Joffe 4.30

4.40-5.30 Free Dancing

Oojami songs for Belly Dancing;
Ararim – Urban Dervish CD
Karavan – Urban Dervish CD
Ali  – Urban Dervish  CD
Wicked and Wild – Boom Shinga Ling CD
Wake me up – BSL CD
Boom Shinga Ling – BSL  CD
Propaganda – BSL CD
Hey Yo- BSL CD
What Kind of World –BSL CD
Shake That Belly – BSL CD
U and Me – BSL CD
Hip Shaker – BSL CD
Like That – BSL CD
Zor – BSL CD
Zaman – BSL  CD
Chiky RMix – BSL CD


For info on Darbucka/seating/food please contact them direct


Nearest tubes:


182 St John Street


London EC1V 4JZ


Tel: 0207 490 8295/8772

Location Map

Dancers will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to audition, 5 minutes of this can be a choreographed routine, and the rest will be improvised to an Oojami Track of Necmi's choice on the day.

The Judges : Two musicians and Two dancers

  • Necmi. Oojami is Necmi's band, so he will have to be one of the panel. Oojami is well known in Belly Dancing circles since their first album Bellydancing Breakbeats released in 2002 by the same company that runs the Belly Dancing Super Stars show. He also created a platform for many for years for Belly Dancers with his own club Hubble Bubble and took Belly Dancing to over 15 countries, big stages and TV shows in many countries.
  • Shafeek Ibrahim has been working with Oojami for some time now and is well placed to be on this panel as he is a highly trained dancer, has held auditions before, and has auditioned himself, and brings years of expertise of working with live musicians to this event.
  • Ahmed Mohamed owner of Darbuka was a member of Oojami in the past, and as a highly trained musician has something to offer to the panel.
  • Ewa Horsfield has been dancing for 20 years. She is deeply engaged in current developments in bellydance world wide and has strong connections with Cairo scene. She is open-minded, analytic and passionate in her assessments. She has twice been Planet Egypt Star Performer.

  What is expected of Dancers who audition
•  They must be a natural dancer, who is attractive and presentable
•  Who is comfortable on stage and who can improvise well
•  Who can communicate with the band and crowd whilst dancing and involve them/connect with them on stage.
•  Originality in costume as well as in dancing
•  Has a minimum of 2 professional style costumes

Selection Criteria
•Any style can be used Oriental or Tribal for example. We are open to all disciplines. You can use props for some of your routine-but no Isis wings as the ceiling is low
•Planet Egypt has an inclusive policy so we are not gearing auditions to “Cookie Cutter” dancers. So if you are in a normal range of age, size, shape etc then you would be welcome
•Planet Egypt is hosting this event to assist Oojami and as a service to the wider Dance Community where they have established their reputation. Planet Egypt will not be on the judging panel.

The event will be filmed as a record, but not for commercial gain. All participants can have a copy of the event (perhaps at an affordable price eg cost price). It is possible that footage may be used for PR reasons on Oojami's web site and on Planet Egypt web site

Other Information for those who audition
n order to help towards transport costs we are selling tickets at £5 per head to cover this event. It also helps to have an audience to create a live experience for participants.

The dressing room is small and we will create a tight running order. We suggest that you come already warmed up and made up to save time and space.

There is no stage or dedicated performance space, and lighting is quite dim. The ceiling is quite low. Seating is on all sides. The décor is oriental and the mood ambient. Shishas are on sale so it might a bit smokey.

We aim to help cover transport costs but we cannot make any guarantees. Please bring proof of travel costs on the day, re-imbursement may not happen on the day it might occur at a later stage.

Video/DVD Auditions CLOSED NOW
If for any reason, you are unable to participate eg as you have a conflicting event that day, submit your form as detailed below, and state that you can't make the audition date. You must supply footage of yourself performing and decisions will be made by Oojami and not the judging panel. Planet Egypt will not be part of this process though; If you are not attending the audition- Send your video/dvd clearly labelled with your name and contact details and fill in the auditions form. Address: Oojami Auditions, 45b Myddleton Road , London N22 8LY


There will be other events in that week for dancers who are keen….
On Friday 25 th May Planet Egypt will be hosting an event with Leyla Jouvana and there will be a showcase as usual on 31 st May ( see here )



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