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There are so many wonderful reasons for wanting to do this beautiful dance

  • Powerful and expressive
  • It will enhance your confidence and self expression
  • Connect you much more deeply to your sense of femininity
  • Boost your vitality and creativity
  • It will give you ease and grace on the dance floor
  • Improve your mobility
  • Help you to project yourself with more charisma and ease
  • Master sensational new dance skills
  • Enjoy enhanced body confidence
  • Rekindle your creativity
  • Discover magnificent genres of music
  • And you won't look back I promise
  • First class free. You have nothing to lose (limitations apply)
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    Complete Beginners
    Beginners 1 & 2

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There are some translations for each level that we follow

What to wear
Soft low-heeled or flat shoes and loose clothing in which you feel comfortable.


Student Resources

These drop down menus will give you plenty of information as to what you can expect from me as your Teacher.

We follow syllabuses and curriculums that you will be given copies of, and there are plenty of hand outs

We have class outings together






Arab Culture and Nights out ....



Information I share


Take a few classes before investing in professional dancewear, particularly shoes. You will find several stockists within Costumes

Haflas, Festivals, and travelling costume fairs, offer a wide range of dancewear, particularly for more advanced students
and professionals, but also accessories suitable for beginners, such as such as hipscarves and coinbelts.

You will learn about professional costuming and accessorising throughout your training.

Classes from only £6.00 per session - concessions available.

Shy but curious?
Come and watch a class any time, without obligation.


Contact Anne to arrange your visit.

I hope that this information is useful, enjoy your Dance journey!


Come and join in at our events ! You would be welcome!