Beginners 1 & 2 progression

You start using constructive phrases, ie several sentences,
and your grammar and vocabulary are improving all the time.
You begin to enjoy communicating and begin to contribute
your own ideas in conversation.

You are aware of the other members of the class and recognise movements that they do well. You are developing your observations and can articulate them quite well.

You begin to identify the movements that you are quite good at and are aware of which need improvements and why. You understand what you need to do perfect them.

You might practise outside of class or not depending on your schedule. But when you do practise I notice and comment and you are happy with the recognition.

You execute the class choreography but may miss a few steps

But you are musical now and can improvise

You look forward to the free style part of class

You begin to feel comfortable with the props we use (stick and veil). But they still need some refinement

You recognise many of the concepts that we explore in class and know how to fit them to the music

Your dance is becoming more polished and sophisticated

All the basic root movements are established and
are well executed.

You begin to understand how to use your space SPATIAL
, whilst on your own and with others.

You demonstrate clear understanding of interpretation;
even if you can't execute it as well as you would like, you can recognise it.

You can do the Egyptian walk and are trying to do it
faster and smaller. Your hands are coming along nicely

You understand and can identify obvious signals in the
music and the different styles of raqs sharqi - SHA'ABI,
- and can demonstrate them.

You start getting used to being observed and you are working even more on your projection

You start coming out more often to the dance events I tell you about. You even start noticing without my prompting what else is "out there"

You begin to consider presenting your work to others in
class and start to think about doing a piece for public
performance. Please note not everyone wants to perform
and that it is optional.

You understand about contracting and expansion -
in movements, use of space and in personality

You are grasping well the different elements - FIRE,
, AIR and WATER.

You can show off your talents but are not sure yet
about working with the more challenging material.

Your observational skills are working well for you and
you begin to start sourcing your own power and creativity.
You are thinking seriously as performing in a show but
preferably in a group.

You have one nice dance outfit - just in case.

Anne White

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