Beginners Progression

Short dance sequences are forming, gradually building
to a few longer ones, and your confidence begins to

We continue to refine and improve all the basic root
, deepening your understanding of the
music, and employing techniques that fit. This is an
ongoing process.

My feedback becomes more constructive and the concept of self awareness starts to develop

You match the obvious signals in the music with your movements but you are aware that more refinement is needed.

You start to connect the class plans with the syllabus that I give you and recognise the more obvious steps in our chorereography which you are feeling more confident about. This is with me. Without me you might feel hesitant but I encourage you enormously.

I start asking questions and encourage you to articulate the answer , initially as a class exercise but then individually.

You start to look forward to pair work and group work whilst you practise the class drills. You might even feel so comfortable by then that you may chat quite animatedly with your colleagues.

You start feel comfortable with the free style part of class which gradually increases in time.

You may feel a little awkward being observed but you are getting used to it.

Arm movements and framing begin to improve.

You demonstrate a basic understanding of this process
with interpretation.

You begin to move from one step to another smoothly
with TRANSITIONS and demonstrate ISOLATION.

You have read the dance magazines and are considering going to local events and the festivals I mention it class.

You have a few nice dance accessories...

Anne White

This section is being overhauled as at September 2014