Advanced progression

You use sophisticated language, communicating well and fluently. You can tell stories which have more range, ie better presented and in more depth.

You engage the listener and need your teacher less
You are trying other teachers and developing your own style
You are teaching yourself now, or at least trying to.

All root movements and l transitions in movements and in mood are impeccable.

Framing is fluid and graceful

Your fast Egyptian walk is well defined and you have mastered the sparkling Egyptian walk

You spatial awareness is good and you choreograph for yourself and for others

You are competent with veils and sticks

Your posture is excellent

You can distinguish between different styles of the dance and can articulate your observations well


and can demonstrate them with ease and refinement

You know what the words taqasim and mawaal mean and can identify them when you hear them and can interpret them very well

You refer to class music by the Arabic name and you know what the English translation is

You understand about contracting and expansion -in movements, use of space and in personality

You know a lot about the cultural context of class material eg we don't dance to prayers/devotional music in public.

You are well informed about costumes and accessories to wear and can articulate your observations of this.

Your presentation and performance skills are well established, if dancing outside the class you might get asked if you are Egyptian!

You have performed at quite a few of the local dance parties and events.

You present your work in class and it is very well received even if there are still some small areas that need refining

You can project well

You join in at haflas and discos and have fun. You are no longer self conscious . People are starting to notice you. Your connection to the dance is really good. You are aware of areas that might still require further work but you may want to enjoy being at this level for quite a while. Many dancers stay at this level. Where you go from here is determined by you

You love to see shows and can give a critique of what you see.
You want to have dance opportunities and seek them
Your own style is emerging and you love it.

You might consider writing an article for one of the national magazines.
You have most definitley gone to Festivals and workshops and are engaging well with the dance community

Your dance wardrobe has expanded considerably.

Anne White

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