Complete Beginners progression

Learning raqs sharqi is progressive; you build on what
you have previously learrned.

We all have different learning curves and listening to music
outside of class helps considerably, as does regular

You learn the alphabet, or root movements, of the dance,
then keywords.

SHARP - hip drops and swerves
FLUID - camels and figure 8s

..then do variations of singles and doubles, small and large...

I then get you to combine these steps with moving - left, right, forward, backwards, round in circles.

We start counting the beat and expressing movements with musicality. Becoming aware of our posture, improving our ease and centredness. You learn to identify strong signals in the music and start trying to match them

You like looking at dance gear but may not feel ready to invest.

Anne White

This section is being overhauled as at September 2014