Intermediate progression

You begin to use more sophisticated language, communicating
well and fluently. You can tell stories which begin to have more
range, ie better presented and in more depth.

You begin to engage the listener and need your teacher less.
You are teaching yourself now, or at least trying to.

All root movements are very well executed, all transitions
in movements and in mood are impeccable.

You have a really good egyptian walk but could be better on the tips of your toes with it, and also going smaller and faster. Your shoulder shimmy is getting smaller and smaller but still needs some work

Your camel isolations are getting really really good

Your upper body does not join in when you go fast and shake your hips

You like people noticing your good movements and comment on your graceful hands and arms

You are improving your spatial awareness all the time and
can choreograph for yourself and for others, even small
simple repetitive sections of music.

You get the answers right most of the time when I ask you questions

You improvise well with the stick and veil and enjoy it

Your projection is sooo much easier and you share your feelings through this dance well. You don't mind people watching. I make you go outside of your comfort zones to become even better. And you like this challenge

You can free style without me for a good 15 to 20 minutes without noticing and without interrupting your flow

You have short term and long term goals in the dance which I develop with you. You evaluate your progress with my assistance and set yourself goals

Your presentation and performance skills are well established,
if dancing outside the class you might get asked if you are

You love to see shows and can give a critique of what you see.
You may want to have a part in the show yourself. Your own
style is emerging and you love it.


You have been to many other dance events, with me and through your own motivation.


You have presented 3 dances for me in class. Most of which are your own ideas and the class enjoy it enormously. So do you!

You talk about what else is out there and articulate your experiences well

Your dance wardrobe has expanded considerably.

Anne White

This section is being overhauled as at September 2014