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Anne White- Biography

For the first time ever I am adding information about myself to this website in preparation
for a new site for myself elsewhere.

This has involved a lot of reflection about what I have learned and how to present it
all in a concise and clear manner. I hope I have achieved this.


In the following pages I have outlined relevant sections.

The summary below has a few highlights but to find out more details you will have to go the relevant pages.

First I was drawn to the music
Then to the dance
I used to watch my twin in Wendy Buonaventura's classes
But when I saw Suraya Hilal perform I knew I wanted her style and authority


London based I teach classes and further afield workshops
I have been funded many times
I have taught award winning students
And some of my early students are now Teachers themselves
I promote Arabic culture and work a lot with lyrics and feeling


Prize winning students :
Roxane Grant


Cynthia (Tabone)


Funded by the Arts Council
Sponsored by NADA
I am a National Teacher and Performer
I used to work with live music in the Arab Community
Playlists can be found here



The Arabic Scene
It was my extensive live music party work that gave me the idea that
I could do the same with the British dancers

Image of Anne with The Baladi Blues Band 2012 with much loved Sheikh Taha on accordion

I have forged very close links with the Arab Community and maintained my long association with the musicians

The Happiness of Former Times-A selection of images for you captured from the mid 90s

A young Aly Minyawi and Anne . Birthday at the Royal Lancaster Aly Minyawi and Theresa . Birthday at the Royal Lancaster
Ibrahim Minyawi with Marion Barlow at one of Anne's class parties around the late 90s Accordionist Moustafa Al Araby, seated next to him Emile Bassili (violin), then Saeed Faramawy (flute) then Anne's head. Standing at the back Gamal Awad (Accordion) and Ibrahim Minyawi (RIP) at Tracey Gibbs party

The images of the young Aly were taken at The Royal Lancaster in Lancaster Gate. The dancer and Club owner Safar Yusry had re-opened her club night there (she was formerly at the Arizona- then called "Venus") . Ibrahim's birthday was the day before Anne and Theresa's . For 10 years they talked about having a joint birthday and this is the night it finally happened. As a direct consequence of that night Anne was engaged as a dancer in the Live Music Programme. What a lovely birthday present for her!

Thanks also to Tracey Gibbs for it was at her event the famous gang of musicians assembled. A fabulous night "up north". That night Theresa and Anne sat on the musicians table surrounded by their lovely friends and a swathe of photos were taken ....


Below is the venue formerly known as the Cave de Roi.

It was a home to me for many years



I write for UK, Interational and Arabic publications and have had articles published for education magazines (Key Stage 3)

Arabic Press
What draws British women to learn bellydance?

An example of my Research



Over 10 years of monthly Planet Egypt shows.
International awareness demonstrated by website and you tube statistics

Collaborating with others along the way

Sourcing dancers for bands and more besides



I collaborated with Hossam Ramzy on a number of occasions.
One of his CDs has a track inspired by Planet Egypt-and the amazing atmosphere experienced there.


Planet Egypt launched the career of many talented dancers


In 2005 I hosted the Egyptian pop singer Hakim for his first concert in London.
I was approached in recognition of my skills as a presenter and an Oriental Dance/Arabic community builder.

This was covered by an Article in Mosaic magazine (UK Trade magazine).

I have been covered widely in National and International media

Filmed by Arabic and Canadian TV


I am a National Judge and I have also judged in Germany


Planet Egypt
With tremendous support, a central Arabic owned and Arabic themed venue Sahara Nights, an amazing Team we put Dance on the map

And held sway as London's Top monthly night out for just under 10 years

Our waiting list was 3 years long

I vetted every performer

Below is a flyer from Sahara Nights 2005


Our monthly shows were reviewed every month in my Nafoura column.
I also introduced a member of my Team ever month

Nafoura magazine single handedly revolutionized the way the global dance community engaged . Evete and her team are to be congratulated for the complete and total commitment they had to this magazine which was mostly free but took hours of time, love and dedication. in May 2011 the e-magazine was placed on hold but we long for it's return......



For many years the website statistics for Planet Egypt have shown international awareness.
As a result of the factors below a significant awareness was being formed of the Planet Egypt brand and my name

  • Foreign trips
  • Trade press coverage, especially Nafoura magazine
  • Planet Egypt and visiting guests and international performers all contributed significantly to the-almost -global awareness of the Planet Egypt brand.
  • Another smaller factor was a 20 year teaching practise and students who migrated and helped "spread the word"

I have visited Germany twice, Italy and Hungary.


Community Building... from the very first steps Planet Egypt was a collective experience. A dream people believed in and contributed to. The first 3 years of events were free, and underwritten by me. It received tremendous support and good will.

The benvolence of the Community and the audiences helped it to sustain it's popularity for almost a decade. Watching the videos of the monthly shows demonstrates the exuberance and enthusiasm of the audience. Above all this is seen in a short video of the last event of Darbucka here filmed in January 2012


The Future
I am very grateful for all the support over the years from my Team, Supporters and the Community.

Anne=Planet Egypt
But I believe
Planet Egypt= Anyone and everyone who loves Arabic dance and music

And this is encapsulated in this script . This is Fussha.

El Elbi ashak kul ya gamil
It says "Every heart is beautiful"

And the song made famous by the Great Oum Kolthoum can be found here

This picture is sourced from The Arizona - a brand new live Arabic Music venue shortly opening in London.
Read more about it here

I have plans..... and will announce them soon. Thank you for your patience.......


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