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Classes on Thursdays Part Funded Starting 14 May

6.30 to 8.30 Intermediate to Advanced

Invitation to ALL those interested-no obligation-

The Arizona Live Arabic Music Venue, 134 Marylebone Road , London   NW1 5PH
Download info on Arizona


This will be ostensibly be a performance platform class.
Each student will have a personal plan with me and this will involve (potentially) a private session where we set your aims and objectives.
Video critique will be part of this so the implication here is that you are on the brink of or already involved with a performance scenario.

An opportunity to perform your own work as a soloist will be part of these sessions.
This will lead on to the next level of working with live music and the possibility of performances I can recommend you for.
The courses will be adapted to competent dancers and my aim is to achieve this level (Performance)

Performances will include choreographies that I teach.including prop work (veil/stick).
Students are assisted and encouraged to also use this platform for their own dances too

There are Performances organised and an opportunity to join in the Disco afterwards that you may be able to invite your friends to come to

As my student
We follow syllabuses and there are lots of hand outs I foster the dancers I work with and take a personal interest in their dance development and progression and encourage them at every opportunity .
Whether you are new to me or to this dance, if you would like to know more, please get in touch put the subject header as “Dance” so I can find it easily in my email and respond more quickly.
I am offering limited places

Intermediate to Advanced
Entry level/starting point is between 2 levels .
A competent level is already established or you are Intermediate

You have the moves and the feeling and looking for more direction and guidance.
Perfect for I intend to give you mentoring and opportunities. Good ones!

Those who are curious and wanting to know more…. If your starting or entry point is at this level, do please contact me for I wish to be inclusive but fair.

Those who can already dance and wanting something more solid to prepare them for potential future opportunities.
They may know moves but have not perfected them and correction and refinement will be part of these sessions.

I am looking for a level of commitment even if it is short term -from those wanting to join the class.

Choreographies will be part of the class but also I will be instilling improvisational skills in every class.
I want my students to dance without me and by finding their own inner responses. I will of course help develop this quality sensitively and be gentle with my dancers

Priority will be given to those able to attend /commit to regular London classes I am corresponding directly to all those who enquire

Preliminary information is here . Please download the information to complete and send to me by email (if at all possible)