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Since 2003 we hosted monthly shows continously until 2012.

Featuring only the best that we can source means quality shows and total engagement

Our events archives are here
Our Professional Performers archives are here
All of the artists are listed here as not all those we featured are Professional

A playlist of our monthly shows are here on our you tube channel


In this time we showcased the best of National and International Artists
and encouraged fledglings to take bigger steps

We documented these changes in Nafoura magazine where I reviewed our shows every month
And I also contributed elsewhere see The Gilded Serpent
My profile
My review of the London Scene at the time in 2010

We have also collaborated with many others
See our Collaborations

We promote all aspects of this dance to our audiences most of whom are cogniscenti
Explaining cultural aspects to the dance with costumes, translations of songs for example

We have quite a few plans for 2015 and beyond......


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