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This section initially has general resource information, it then splits into geographic territories. This page profiles London

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Find a dance class in the UK, and find out what is going on in your area with the following resources

Going out

Ideas to contemplate for a night out

London Arab bars and clubs

Embrace Arab culture

See Cultural info below

Dance Societies/Emagazines and Forums

Inspiration_Try these magazines, lots of resources and class listings

Raqs Sharqi Society
Dedicated to the study, teaching and performance of Raqs Sharqi

Tribal UK


National UK Events

Forums Bhuz-The biggest bellydance dedicated discussion site. Very USA biased

Shira A fabulous web site that provides the most amazing variety of detail you could ever want to know about Oriental dance.

Useful Information

Raqs Sharqi
A fab web site full of fascinating info on Raqs Sharqi including profiles of well know dancers, reviews and reccommendations.....

Oriental Dancer
Informative site, reviews, interviews, lyrics and more......

See here Yasmina's web site has lots of video clips and info about famous dancers

Ancient Egyptian Dance

Orientalist Art

Translations of Songs/Lyrics

Definition of Dance Terms ie types and styles

In depth Musical rhythms and history from Khafif


Cultural/Educational Organizations
Mostly these are London based

The Arab British Centre
Jam packed events for lovers of Arabic arts and culture and more

Moroccan Memories in Britain live music with Cheb Chafik
with Chafik Kobitti (org/keyboard) and Mohamed Abdi.(Oud) and Majid (tabla)

Moroccan Memories in Britain is a national oral and visual history project, which has collected over 100 hundred life stories from three generations of Moroccans living in Britain since January 2007 . As part of the project, a compilation CD, Moroccan Melodies in Britain , featuring some of the extremely talented UK-based Moroccan musicians has been produced. . For more details about the project and the CD, please visit www.moroccanmemories.org.uk .
CD is available for sale at £5 (suggested contribution)

Sufi meditation, drumming, poetry readings and music events

Silk Roads an organization of the best artist-animateurs specializing in traditions from the Middle-East and beyond.

Organic Music
Promoters of World Music events - speciality Arab Bands and Singers

School of African and Oriental Studies
Free monthly lectures on Middle Eastern culture, occasionally with music

London Middle East Institute
Research into all aspects of the Middle East

Dom Research Centre
Middle East and North African Gypsy Studies

The British Museum 
Ancient artefacts and history brought to life in London. Regular events

Get/send a free card for Islamic Holy Days New

Royal Festival Hall 
Situated on London’s South Bank, hosts World Music Events including Arab and North African singers and musicians.

The Barbican
Hosts regular concerts of world music (Gypsy, Arabic and Islamic

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology
Has outstanding collections of objects relating to the daily life of the ordinary people of ancient Egypt, and sometimes hosts events.

Dialogue Society
A London based organization with strong Turkish connections, that promotes Muslim Culture, love and respect for others. Offers educational talks and programmes including hosting Whirling Dervishes and Sufi music events.

Cultural Co-Operation
A London based organization which hosts International festivals - talks and music- some of which are free.

The Egyptian Cultural Bureau
Lectures, concerts, exhibitions and other events, as well as Arabic language classes.
London Tel: 0207 491 7720.
Email: egypt.culture@btconnect.com


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